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Fixing a Computer


Computer Tune Up

Over time, computers can become slow and unresponsive due to bloat and unnecessary programs. This service includes the necessary maintenance and optimisations for your computers operating system to run at its best.

Data Recovery

Attempt to recover deleted or corrupted files. No charge if recovery is unsuccessful.

Recovery storage media can be provided at an additional cost.

Streaming Setup

I can show you how to setup your first stream or assist with a technical issue for your existing setup. I can demonstrate how to use OBS across multiple platforms and how to add game capturing elements.

Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrades can give extra performance or gain larger storage. Free assessments given with my recommendations for the best upgrades and value for money.

Website Building

I can design and build you a website to accommodate your business or online store. Whether its your first website or help making it more modern.

Computer Repairs

PC/Laptop damaged?

Failing to boot or not running as it should?

Error messages or software not functioning correctly?

Home Visits & Assessments

Price includes call out fee for the first hour. I can review your home setup which covers: Computers, Tablets, Broadband, WI-FI and Printers.

Computer Gaming

Being a PC gamer myself I like to keep my pc running at its best with the highest amount of FPS for that competitive edge! Buying a PC off the shelf does not come with all the necessary performance optimisations. I can asses your setup and overclock the computer safely to bring out its true potential.

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